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Filter element Spin-On, working pressure 12 bar (174 psi), flow rates up to 365 l/min (96 gpm).
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Created especially for mobile applications, MP Filtri's spin-on filters are designed to limit maximum flow rates to around 365 l/min, 96 gpm and keep pressure no higher than 35 bar, 508 psi. The head is positioned directly in-line with the circuit and is equipped with a bypass valve and / or clogging indicators. The filtration cartridge includes a filter element contained within a durable metal cannister. The element is made up of either cellulose or synthetic lter media dependent on the required level of filtration. The element is then attached to the filter head by screwing it into position hence the term 'spin-on' can. The advantage of this type of filtration is the speed and ease with which the filter can be changed - reducing downtime and labour costs. This is especially advantageous in mobile machinery where a filter change often needs to be done in the field. Spin-on filters are used on suction lines,and return lines.
Key features include:
- Inorganic microfibre from 3 µm to 25 µm
- Wire mesh from 25 µm to 90 µm
- Resin impregnated paper from 10 µm to 25 µm